Unmanned Aircraft



Stellaire's UAS platforms streamlines the aerial data collection process of aerial data collection, utilizing automated planning and operation to cover large areas quickly and efficiently This saves time and reduces operational costs, making power grid inspections more cost-effective than ever before.


Our UAS platforms offer real-time data streaming, enabling remote monitoring of power grid assets. Monitor the health of infrastructure from the comfort of your office, making informed decisions and responding swiftly to emerging issues.

Our cloud-based platform for seamless data capture, fleet operation, and management supports all UAS platforms and integrates effortlessly with UAS technology.


Stellaire’s UAS platforms are designed with safety and reliability as our primary focus. The systems are tested and operated in harsh weather conditions, from the Arizona desert to the Arctic winter. The suite of interoperable UAS platforms covering different ground risk classes enables you, as an operator, to tweak your concept of operation to cover the entire infrastructure efficiently. The systems are extensively tested and documented under real-life conditions, and in accordance with ASTM ( American Society for Testing and Materials)

Precision and

Stellaire's UAS platforms have cutting-edge sensors and imaging technology, providing unparalleled precision and accuracy in power grid inspections. Identify potential issues in near real-time with unprecedented detail, allowing for proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime.


Seamlessly integrate Stellaire's UAS platforms with your existing systems and workflows. Our solutions are designed to complement and enhance your current operational processes, ensuring a smooth transition to the future of power grid inspections.


Explorer Light Weight (1.3)


The Explorer 1.3 is an Octocopter in a X8 configuration (8 motors), powered by Lithium-Ion batteries. The eight motors are individually controlled, which allows for motor failure(s) without loss of control.

Three simultaneously active radio-systems allow uninterrupted connectivity

• Multiple C2-link configurations available

Dual redundant battery sets allow for flight, even in cases where one battery set is malfunctioning

Wide operational temperature allows operation in arctic and desert conditions, under high winds up to 15 m/s.

Fully integrated navigation lights & strobe enables BVLOS & Night-time operation.

Batteries are swapped in less than 5 minutes and can be fast charged for continuous flight operation with only 3 battery sets, allowing you to stay operational with no downtime.

Compatible with Stellaire’s Multisensor Payloads

Key specifications of the Explorer 1.3:

Model name: Explorer 1.3
Aircraft type: Electric coaxial octorotor (X8)
Maximum takeoff weight: 24.9 kg / 55 lbs
Propeller dimension: 28” x 9.6” – 2 Blade fixed
Maximum ground speed: 25 m/s
Cruise ground speed: 10 m/s
Endurance: 35 min (with 4 kg payload)
Service ceiling: 3000 m
Weather protection: Protected for short operation through rain
Temperature range:-20 to 50 deg C
Maximum payload weight: 4.5 kg / 9.9 lbs.

Urban Explorer

Safety over city skies

The Urban Explorer is specifically developed for operation in urban areas, with a maximum take-off weight of 4 kg, without sacrificing performance.

It offers an integrated survey grade sensor package,
The Urban Explorer is a Multirotor specially designed for inspection purposes. It is a quadcopter with 4 motors powered by Lithium-ion batteries.

It features a high-precision, multi-constellation, and multi-frequency GNSS receiver, dual compasses, multiple radio links comprising LTE, direct link for hand-controller, Wi-Fi as well as remote ID.

Key specifications of the Urban Explorer:

Parameter. Value
Model Name: Urban Explorer
Aircraft type: Electric quadrotor
Maximum takeoff weight: 4000 g
Propeller dimension: 18.5” x 6.3” 2-blade folding
Maximum air speed: 20 m/s
Cruice air speed: 10m/s
Endurance: 20 - 40 min
Ingress protection: Water resistant
Temperature range: -10 to 40 deg C

Multi-sensor Payload

Stellaire offers a unique multi-sensor payload which has been developed to collect rich and high quality datasets at scale. The Payload V3 is a compact, lightweight and highly automated solution for acquiring both high-resolution oblique imagery with a gimbal controlled camera, and laser scanner and nadir images for generation of coloured pointclouds and orthomosaics. The solution offers unprecedented operational efficiency for linear inspection services at scale, based on an out-of-the box verified, calibrated and optimized processing solution delivered together with the UAS.

Together with the Explorer 1.3 or E30, the Payload V3 offers a one-stop-solution for detailed asset inspection, LiDAR and orthographic surveying. The solution eliminates need to acquire and integrate different HW and SW products from multiple suppliers.

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