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Our customer-facing software Grid Analytics integrates with our UAS systems for streamlined data delivery. Grid Analytics is an easy-to-use system for performing inspections of the entire infrastructure. The system features advanced inspection report generation and export functionalities.

The software integrates with our interactive online viewer for 3D LiDAR data that enables you to create actionable information from the lidar data.

Flight Operations,
Data Acquisition
and Processing

Flight Maker 

The Flight Maker software is an interface designed for the preparation of BVLOS missions from start to finish for automated operation of the Explorer series and is an integrated part of Grid Analytics™. The system uses input from multiple sources such as Digital Terrain Models, Obstacle Databases, and customer Asset Information to create flight routes.

The software allows safe planning based on determined criteria for the flight, such as height above ground, distance, and obstacle clearance. The interface allows for creating the route with automated elevation proposal, creating the turning points on the route, and making the safety analysis of the flight. Such criteria determined are based on the performance of the Explorer series, which again has been brought together as a result of experience with BVLOS flights over the last 4 years.

The software provides easy identification of mission status, available missions, and relevant information regarding the overall mission planning process for customer jobs.

Pilot View

The Pilot View gives the operator vital flight information during flight. It has been developed for easy and intuitive information for pilots/operators with inspiration from aviation regarding moving map and instrument panel.

Field Operations

A software solution for providing effective data capture and delivery projects. The system integrates tightly with the UAS to ensure operational excellence of the services. The system covers the need for both fleet operation and delivery management. The software is web-based, running in our cloud environment.

Fleet Operations

· Automated creation of flight logs for equipment and pilot time tracking.
· Telemetry logging to time-series database for continuous improvement of systems
· Flight logging / Condition monitoring

Project & Data Handling

· Project Support Functionality· Quality Assurance of incoming images
· Delivery Management for securing the completeness of data delivery
· Data delivery functionality

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